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In the last several years we have witnessed a migration of measuring tools to the shop floor. The coordinate measuring machine now seems to be following suit. The new generation of shop hardened CMMs are gaining popularity with industrial users. Notable amongst this equipment is the Leitz SIRIO SX/BX, Hexagon TIGO SF, Hexagon 4.5.4 SF, and the Hexagon SIRIO Xi. These machines possess the following desirable features for shop floor use:

  • Hard bearings. Because an air supply is not necessary contaminants and moisture introduced by shop air are eliminated. This means maintenance costs are cut drastically.
  • Sealed and covered guideways: All the hard bearing machines mentioned above are gantry style machines with the bearing surfaces completely enclosed.  Most air bearing machines are bridge designs with the following leg (slave) running directly on the granite plate without any protection. Indeed, the bridge axis is uncovered and exposed to the elements.
  • Real-time temperature compensation. This is another prime feature on the shop floor machine. It’s really not the temperature itself that causes problems it’s the fluctuation of temperature that happens within the shop floor environment.
  • Portability. These machines are mounted on a roll around the stand and can be moved anywhere on the shop floor. Their small footprint allows the machines to be pushed through a standard sized door.

Quality insight at the point of production

Why choose a shop floor CMM:

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division offers shop floor hardened solutions
ideal for machine shops and manufacturing cells within the production floor.

A shop floor CMM from Hexagon will:

• Maximize floor space
• Reduce the time between production and quality control
• Ensure confidence that products are accurately manufactured
• Simplify the quality assurance process
• Reduce scrap and rework

Why a Shop Floor CMM?

Shop Floor CMMs are designed to operate where:

• Space is limited
• Air-borne contaminants are present

Shop Floor CMMs are:

• User friendly
• Sustainable
• Mobile
• Flexible

Hexagon Shopfloor CMM

  • Model X stroke
    Y stroke
    Z stroke
    6.8.9 600 800 900
     6.8.15  600  800  1500
  • Model X stroke [mm] Y stroke [mm] Z stroke [mm]
    6.8.8 600 800 800


    Gear inspection

    Cylindrical gears:

    • Spur, helical and double helical gears, splines (internal and external)
    • Clutch gears (internal and external)
    • Gear segments (minimum no of teeth: 1)
    • Gear racks

    Bevel gears:

    • Straight and spiral bevel gears, hypoid bevel gears, crown gears

    Available interfaces:

    • Gleason GAGE 4/WIN; Klingelnberg KIMOS, bevel gear chain from the University of Aachen

    Evaluation standards:

     Data for gear inspection with Leitz SIRIO Xi  SIRIO Xi 6.8.8
     Module range [mm]  0.5 – 100 (smaller modules on request)
     Min. outer gear diameter [mm]  10
     Max. outer gear diameter [mm]  600
     Max. gear width [mm]  800
  • Measuring Range (in mm)
    X Y Z
    500 580 500


    The TIBOX offers enhanced protection for systems operating in the most extreme workshop conditions. This CMM enclosure enables measurement at the point of production without compromising machine performance and functionality in environments where excessive dust, airborne pollutants, oil particle suspension and other contaminants are present. The TIBOX CMM enclosure helps ensure machine uptime, minimise maintenance costs and sustain measurement performance.

    Next Jogbox (NJB)
    The ergonomic handheld Next Jogbox (NJB) is a user-friendly CMM control interface designed to be robust enough for workshop use yet comfortable to use throughout a shift.

  • Hexagon 454SFM

    Design features

    • No air supply needed.
    • Durable, low maintenance, sealed recirculating ball bearings.
    • Highly reliable skewed bearing drive system
    • Hardened steel machine tool linear guides enhance precision, reliability and durability.
    • Small footprint fits any shop floor configuration.
    • Integrated LED workspace lighting
    • Scales and reader heads mounted in inverted position to protect against shop-borne contaminants.
    • Bellows covers protect critical components from shop floor contaminants.


    • Designed for the Shop Floor
    • Accuracy performance stated for any temperature in the range 15-40° C (59-104°F)

    Performance Data
    Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence tests and evaluates CMM products using the American standard ASME B89 and international standard, ISO 10360-2, and ISO 10360-4.

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