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Gang Tooling Line-up

6 inches Chuck

A gang-tooling lathe is one that has a row of tools set up on its cross-slide, which is long and flat and is similar to a milling machine table. The idea is essentially the same as with turret lathes: to set up multiple tools and then easily index between them for each part-cutting cycle. Instead of being rotary like a turret, the index-able tool group is linear.

  • DescriptionUnitKIT450
    CAPACITYSwing Over the Bedin20.9″
    Max. Turning Dia.in6.5″
    Max. Turning Lengthin12.8″
    Bar Capacityin1.8″
    SPINDLEChuck Sizein6.5″
    Spindle Borein2.05″ [ø 2.09″]
    Spindle Speed (rpm)r/min50~6,000
    Motor (Max/Cont.)kW(HP)15/11 (20/15) [12/9 (16/12)]
    Torque (Max/Cont.)ft.lb70 / 51
    Spindle TypeBELT
    Spindle NoseA2-5
    FEEDTravel (X/Z)mm(in)450/300 (17.7″/11.8″)
    Rapid Travel (X/Z)in/min1181 / 1417
    Slide TypeLM GUIDE
    BLOCK TOOLNo. of ToolEA6
    Tool SizeOD in1″
    ID   in1.25″
    TANK CAPACITYCoolant Tankℓ(gel)120 (31.7)
    Lubricating Tankℓ(gel)1.8 (0.48)
    POWER SUPPLYElectric Power SupplykVA20
    Thickness of Power CableSqOVER 16
    VoltageV/Hz220/60 (200/50)
    MACHINEFloor Space (L×W)mm2,100×1,435
    Weightkg(lb)2,700 (5,952)
    NCControllerHYUNDAI WIA FANUC i Series [SIEMENS 802D sl]

    Max Turning Diameterinch6.5″
    Max Turning Lengthinch11.8″
    Table Sizeinch7.9″×21.7″
    Chuck Sizeinch6″
    Driving MethodBelt
    Spindle RPMr/min6,000
    Spindle OutputHP20/15
    Spindle Torquelbf.ft70.5/51.6
    Rapid Travel(X/Z)in/min1181/1417
    Slide TypeLM
    No. of ToolsEA6
    Tool Sizeinch0.75″/1.25″

    Specifications are subject to change without notice for quality improvement.
    In case of any further information, please refer to the machine catalog.


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