Used L400C Horizontal Lathe Year 2012 “SOLD” N/A

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Used L 400C Horizontal Lathe Year 2012
CNC controller Fanuc 21i TC Std
Swing 30.7″ Std
Maximum Cutting Diameter 24.8″ Std
Maximum Workpiece Length 46.1″ Std
Travel X axis 12.8″ Std
Travel Z axis 47.4″ Std
Guide Ways Boxed on X Linear For Z Boxed Std
Spindle A2 – 11 Std
Max Bar Work Diameter 4.61″ Std
Max RPM 2,000 Std
Rapid Traverse X axis 787 ipm Std
Rapid Traverse Z axis 944 ipm Std
Turret 10 Tools Std
Tool Size (Square Shank) 1.25″x1.25″ Std
Tool Size (Round shank) 2″ Std
Index Time (1 station/1 full rev) .2 sec Std
Chuck 15″ Std
Tail Stock Quill Diameter 3.94″ Std
Tail Stock Quill Travel (Programmable) 5.1″ Std
Tail Stock Body Travel 43.3″ Std
Tail Stock Quill Internal Taper MT #4 – Built In Type Std
Gear Box 2 Std
Horsepower 35 HP Std
Torque 1345 Ft lbs Std
Weight 18,739 lbs Std
Bed 45 deg Std
Standard Tooling Package Std
Quick Setter Touch Std
Optional Equipment
Chip Conveyor Hinge Right




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