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ROMI C-830 X 120″ – 10.2″ Bore, 24″ Chuck, Semi-CNC, Flat bed

Siemens 828D Control w/ Teach function!


Hyundai WIA L400LMC Live Tooling Turning Center Now in Stock!

HYUNDAI WIA is launching
ALL NEW machines at a fast pace

Hyundai WIA
SE2200 Series

The New Standard for Lathes

Hyundai WIA
HD-SY Series

Heavy Duty Cutting + Y-Axis T/C

Hyundai WIA
KF-II Series

The Powerful VMC

Hyundai WIA
SE-SY Series

SUB Spindle + Y-axis Multitasking T/C

Hyundai WIA

High speed and high precision, compact 5-axis machining center

Lamarche Machinery is introducing Integrated Robot Cell
Ultimate Multi Task Machine

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Trade-in Event

Now with Hexagon’s Loyalty Program, you can trade in your CMM for a state-of-the art inspection system and save up to $25,000 off your brand new machine

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Model shown Hyundai Wia XF6300

Used CNC Machines For Sale

About Lamarche Machinery Inc.

“Supplying Top Quality CNC Machine Tools and Products with Top Quality Service that customers can Trust and Depend on”

LaMarche Machinery Inc. is a full solution-oriented CNC machinery & robot sales, distribution and service organization.

We help manufacturing facilities and machine shops stay ahead of their competition with the latest in metalworking technology and equipment.
LMI / LaMarche Machinery carries a full array of product lines including 5-axis vertical, horizontal machining centers in various sizes and Robot integration. Our reputation of excellence is based on years of close relationships with our customers in Sales, Service and Support requirements.

CNC Machine Tool Distributor for- Hyundai Wia, Yama Seiki Good-way,  Fanuc Robotics and much more!

We are also a full tooling and accessory distributor supplying a wide range of products for your complete shop. LaMarche has two locations- Edmonton, Alberta covering Western Canada and also LMI Machinery in Kent, WA covering the North West United States in Washington / Oregon.

Our full service department covers both locations serving all of Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest USA.

Lamarche Machinery is the fastest growing Machine Tool Distribution Company in Western Canada

Industries: Machinery
Headquarters: Edmonton, Alberta
Founded: 2003
Specialties: CNC Machine Tools, CNC Machine Tool Service, Full supply of Tooling and Workholding

“Service you can Trust and Depend On”


I, Daniel Lamarche founded Lamarche Machinery in 2003, my goal was to establish a machine tool distribution company that provides top quality new and used CNC Machine Tools and services. Also to bring new innovations to the machining industry over and above all others!
With hard work, having highly dedicated experienced personnel and having key product lines, Lamarche has gained a high reputation of supporting new technologies and innovations while
supplying quality products and great services to the industry.

Lamarche mission is to keep striving forward with Introducing New Technologies and Innovations, Supplying Top Quality New and Used Machine Tools with Top Quality Services that customers can Trust and Depend on.

With our dedication to our employees and having each one feel there importance to the company, that feeling is then turned and focused onto the customer. The customer needs and expectations is a Top Priority here at Lamarche Machinery.

In all aspects of our company, from our Machine Tool Division, our ever expanding tooling division and to our Service Division we take great pride in the fact that we have gained a high reputation in supplying top quality tools and Services to customers throughout Western Canada.

We will never back down from our main goal, we will always be dedicated to expanding our business and keep supplying the products and services that customers can fully trust, expect and depend on.

Daniel Lamarche

Lamarche Machinery Inc. have an experienced Service Department offering Mechanical and Electrical repairs for CNC Machine shops regardless of the make or model of the CNC Machine.
Our Service Technicians are Factory Trained and offer the BEST Service Support in the industry, just ask our local machine shop customers! 

Preventative Maintenance Packages
Turnkey Programming and Applications Support

We have:
– Applications Engineering Machine Shop support
– Applications Training for Machinist and Operators
– Applications Turn Key support
– Factory Trained CNC Service Technicians
– Preventative Maintenance Programs for all types of CNC machines
– Local & Factory CNC machine parts support
– In-House CNC Simulators for Classroom Training 

 Preventative Maintenance Package

  • Replace Fluids
    -Headstock gear box ( If applicable)
    -Install magnets
  • Inspect Lubrication
  • Inspect Pneumatics
  • Inspect/Replace Belts
  • Inspect/Replace wipers
  • Clean/Replace Filters
  • Check/Adjust Alignments
  • Check/Adjust Tool setter
  • Inspect Electrical including switches
  • Clean under covers and around ball screws
  • Clean Fans
  • Inspect/clean chucks
fanuc robot arm

Fanuc Robotics

  • Increased Productivity: Robots increase machine production by up to 20% over traditional methods.
  • Perform secondary operations: For longer machining times robot can perform deburring or gauging of finished parts.
  • Improved Ergonomics: Robot can eliminate workman’s compensation and operator safety issues with moving heavy parts.
  • Increased Quality: Built-in vision can 100% inspect.: Robot repeatability assures placement in chuck.
Fanuc banner
New CNC Machines

Horizontal Turning Centers

CNC Lathe

Western Canada

Horizontal Turning Centers are the most widely recognized. Vertical turning centers are regularly called a vertical turret lathe or VTL. With a horizontal turning center, the spindle is horizontally oriented, and tools are mounted out of the side of tool holder and cut across the work-piece. Select features for your business needs: Gang Tooling, Standard Turret, Live Tooling and Live Tooling with sub-Spindle.

Vertical Turning Centers

CNC Lathe

Western Canada

A vertical turning center is a hybrid of the turning center and the vertical lathe. Shorter components not requiring sub-spindle, tail stock or bottom turret can benefit from a vertical construction lathe rather than a horizontal one, to keep the machine footprint small

Multi-Axis Turning Centers

CNC Lathe

Western Canada

“Lamarche Machinery – When Cycle Time Matters”

We are delighted to be featuring some of the finest CNC manufacturing machines in the world.
Our major supplier of CNC machines is Hyundai-Wia. This company has an outstanding reputation for quality, value and precision with their applications for the automotive, oil and gas, forklift, excavation, aerospace, robotics, satellite, tank and shipping industries.

Hyundai-Wia has an annual production of 11,000 machines and a commitment to keep an inventory of 400 CNC machines in stock in North America. Plus, they maintain a $5 million North American parts inventory. This means we can provide you with the parts you need when and where you need them. It’s part of our commitment to serve your business and provide you with the best machinery in the world.

Also if you are experiencing maintenance problems with your old machines, call Lamarche Machinery and ask about our generous trade-in program. It can help with your business cash flow and financing needs.

Vertical Machine Centers


Western Canada

Vertical machining occurs on a vertical machining center (VMC), which employs a spindle with a vertical orientation. With a vertically oriented spindle, tools stick straight down from the tool holder, and often cut across the top of a work-piece.

Romi GL300
With 90 years in business and over 150,000 machines sold worldwide, Romi is proud to announce our latest line of Lathes!

Its Here! The ALL NEW Romi GL300

available now and in stock ready for immediate delivery

  • All new Romi Poured Casting (With vibration dampening)
  • All new Roller guides on ALL Axis  (Made by Bosch)
  • Huge Z Axis Torque/Thrust for heavy material removal and large drilling capabilities
  • 12 Position Turret (with available live tooling (4000 rpm) and Y axis)
  • Thermal Compensation for the utmost in high accuracy (Standard on all models)
  • Fanuc Oi TF iHMI (Fanuc control with all new large 15” Touch Screen Control)
  • Programmable tailstock (Program the speed and pressure directly on the control) Also mounted on separate roller ways than the Z axis
  • Spindle motor is incorporated into the spindle which provides less maintenance, More precise spindle orientation, greater power and high torque at low rpm
  • Spindle is chilled (for longer spindle life and thermal growth control)
  • 10 inch Hydraulic Chuck A2-8 Spindle mount
  • Available SUB Spindle (6000 RPM, Standard in the GL300S Model)


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