Hyundai Wia XF8500


Description Unit XF8500
Table Size in 33.5″ × 15.75″
Max. Load Capacity lbs 2204
Spindle Driving Method Built in
Spindle Taper HSK-A63
Spindle RPM r/min 9,000
Spindle Power hp 56/42
Spindle Torque ft.lbs 129/96
Travel(X/Y/Z) in 33.5″ / 36″ / 23.6″
Rapid Feed Rate(X/Y/Z) in/min 1771/1771/1771
Slide Type ROLLER
No. of Tools EA 34
Tool Change Time
(Chip To Chip)
sec 4.98

Specifications are subject to change without notice for quality improvement.
In case of any further information, please refer to the machine catalog.




  • High-speed & High-precision 5-Axis Machining Center for medium- and large-sized product.
  • One piece column-bed structure through optimal structural analysis – Rigidity has improved by 130%
  • High quality machining by design methodology that minimize vibration and thermal displacement during travel
  • Linear and rotary scale are equipped as standard for the high quality of machining
  • Built-in spindle has applied for high-speed and -accuracy – Spindle displacement sensor applied as a standard
  • The DDM rotary table provides simultaneous 5-axis motion which allows for the machining of complex prismatic parts.


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