Description Unit KIT450
CAPACITY Swing Over the Bed in 20.9″
Max. Turning Dia. in 6.5″
Max. Turning Length in 12.8″
Bar Capacity in 1.8″
SPINDLE Chuck Size in 6.5″
Spindle Bore in 2.05″ [ø 2.09″]
Spindle Speed (rpm) r/min 50~6,000
Motor (Max/Cont.) kW(HP) 15/11 (20/15) [12/9 (16/12)]
Torque (Max/Cont.) 70 / 51
Spindle Type BELT
Spindle Nose A2-5
FEED Travel (X/Z) mm(in) 450/300 (17.7″/11.8″)
Rapid Travel (X/Z) in/min 1181 / 1417
Slide Type LM GUIDE
BLOCK TOOL No. of Tool EA 6
Tool Size OD in 1″
ID   in 1.25″
TANK CAPACITY Coolant Tank ℓ(gel) 120 (31.7)
Lubricating Tank ℓ(gel) 1.8 (0.48)
POWER SUPPLY Electric Power Supply kVA 20
Thickness of Power Cable Sq OVER 16
Voltage V/Hz 220/60 (200/50)
MACHINE Floor Space (L×W) mm 2,100×1,435
in (82.7″×56.5″)
Height in 72″
Weight kg(lb) 2,700 (5,952)
NC Controller HYUNDAI WIA FANUC i Series [SIEMENS 802D sl]



Automation/Process Integration, Easy to Operate
Gang Type Lathes

  • Variety Accessories, Robot System Application (ex: KN Robot)
  • Variety Optional figures are available, Auto Loader/Bar Feeder/ Parts Catcher etc.
  • Slant bed design gives better access to tool holder, and chuck. Also, this design is more efficient to remove chips.
  • Locate chip box at the front or sides
  • For operator’s convenient, multi purpose tool box and used lubrication collect box are equipped


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