Hyundai Wia LV500RM/LM


Description Unit LV500R/L LV500RM/LM
Max Turning Dia in 21.65 21.65
Max Turning Length in 23.62 23.62
Chuck Size in 15″ 15″
Driving Method Belt Belt
Spindle RPM r/min 2,000 2,000
Spindle Output kW 18.5/22 18.5/22
Spindle Torque N.m 693/824 693/824
Travel(X/Z) in 12.8/24.6 12.8/24.6
Rapid Travel(X/Z) in/min 787/708 787/708
Slide Type LM LM
No. of Tools EA 8[12] 8[12]
Tool Size mm 32/50 32/50
Milling Tool Speed r/min 3,000

Specifications are subject to change without notice for quality improvement.
In case of any further information, please refer to the machine catalog.


Hyundai Wia LV500RM/LM


  • Stable structure of the main spindle of powerful heavy cutting type (Loading & clamping structure taking advantage of the Spindle weight)
  • 2-step chuck pressure mechanism adopted to minimize material deformation
  • Various peripheral equipment can be used for rational machining
  • All-in-one machine structure incorporating power and oil supply functions in one body
  • Space design taking into account smooth ship treatment
  • “Right” and “Left” structure for the formation of rational automation


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