Hexagon Leitz PMM-Xi

CMM Specifications

Model X stroke
Y stroke
Z stroke
8.10.6 31.4961″ 39.3701″ 22.6378″
12.10.6 47.24409″ 39.3701″ 22.6378″
12.10.7 47.24409″ 39.3701″ 22.6378″
16.12.7 62.99213″ 47.24409″ 27.5591″
24.12.7 94.48819″ 47.24409″ 27.5591″
24.16.7 94.48819″ 62.99213″ 27.5591″
16.12.10 62.99213″ 47.24409″ 39.3701″
24.12.10 94.48819″ 47.24409″ 39.3701″
24.16.10 94.48819″ 62.99213″ 39.3701″

Gear Inspection

Cylindrical gears

  • Spur, helical, double helical, splines (internal and external)
  • Clutch gears (internal and external)
  • Gear segments (minimum no. of teeth: one)
  • Gear racks

Bevel gears

  • Straight bevel, spiral bevel, hypoid bevel, crown gears
  • Interfaces: Gleason GAGE 4/WIN; Klingelnberg KIMOS, DMG

Gear cutting tools

  • Hob cutter, broach, shaper cutter, shaving gears, form cutter

Evaluation standards:

Gear inspection with
Leitz PMM-Xi
Related Specifications
PMM-Xi 8.10.6 PMM-Xi 12.10.6
PMM-Xi 16.12.7
PMM-Xi 16.12.10
PMM-Xi 24.16.7
 Modul range [in] 0.019685″ – 3.93701″ (smaller modules on request)
 Max. gear diam. – spur [in] 29.5276″ 37.4016″ 45.27559″ 45.27559″ 61.02362″
 Max. gear diam. – helical* [in] 19.685″ 27.5591″ 35.4331″ 35.4331″ 51.1811″
 Max. gear width [in] 22.6378″ 27.5591″ 27.5591″ 39.3701″ 27.5591″ / 39.3701″
 Max. shaft length [in] 39.3701″ 47.24409″ 62.99213″ / 94.48819″ 62.99213″ / 94.48819″ 94.48819″


* Depending on styli configuration and module


Leitz PMM-Xi

Ultra-High Accuracy and Extreme Flexibility

The Leitz PMM-Xi brings together maximised flexibility for multipurpose applications and highly accurate 3D metrology performance, enabling the use of a wide variety of tactile and optical sensors.

Every detail of the Leitz PMM-Xi series is focused on achieving certainty with accurate information users can trust. Providing durability and measuring consistency, the machine’s closed-frame design is comprised of a solid granite base, a fixed portal with cast iron pedestals and a granite crossbeam.

With excellent scanning performance due to variable high-speed scanning (VHSS), measurements can be carried out following the principle ‘as fast as possible, as slow as necessary.’ The scanning speed is adapted to known geometries in real time, with simple lines being scanned fast and the speed automatically changing when scanning complex passages.

The optional use of the rotary table allows scanning procedures to be carried out with continuous 4-axis scanning, so even highly complex parts can be scanned quickly with a high point density.

Additionally, a Leitz PMM-Xi can be equipped with the intelligent sensor automation system SENMATION. Using a universal interface, a wide variety of different sensors are changed fully automatically, guaranteeing a high degree of flexibility. SENMATION allows even the most complex measurement tasks involving different sensors to be carried out on one single coordinate measurement machine (CMM).



Closed-Frame Design
The granite base with a fixed portal of cast iron and a granite crossbeam ensures long-term stability. The high stiffness of the measurement axes is designed to ensure consistent accuracy over the entire measurement volume.

Moving Table

The travelling measuring table on pre-loaded air bearings with centrally-positioned spindle drive ensures constant dimensional relationships and efficient movement sequences with no tilting or twisting.

Best Reproducibility 
High-resolution scales offer the highest reproducibility of measurement results.

High Stability
The active pneumatic damping system ensures stable measurement procedures, eliminating the influence of vibrations.


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