Hyundai Wia XF6300


Description Unit XF6300
Table Size inch 24.8″×15.7″
Max. Load Capacity lb 1,323
Spindle Driving Method Built in
Spindle Taper HSK-A63
Spindle RPM r/min 15,000
Spindle Power HP 41.6/33.5
Spindle Torque lbf.ft 112.8/91
Travel(X/Y/Z) inch 25.6″/23.6″/19.7″
Rapid Feed Rate(X/Y/Z) m/min 2362/2362/2362
Slide Type ROLLER
No. of Tools EA 34
Tool Change Time
(Chip To Chip)
sec 4.5

Specifications are subject to change without notice for quality improvement.
In case of any further information, please refer to the machine catalog.




  • Increases strength with all-in-one bed & column structure
  • Machines High-precision parts with x-axis box-in-box structure
  • Built-in DDM table
  • Standard 34-tool ring-type ATC (C-C time: 4.5 sec.)
  • 19″ LCD monitor

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