Measuring Range (in mm)
4000 – 5000 – 6000 5100 – 6300 – 8000 – 10000 2500 – 3000 – 3500 – 4000
Accuracy: MPEE = from 5.5 + 6 L/1000 < 30



DEA LAMBDA SP – The high-tech giant CMM

The DEA LAMBDA SP is a line of very large measuring machines designed for operation in industrial environments. LAMBDA SP excels in high-speed, high-accuracy inspection of huge components, such as marine engines, aircraft structures or turbines that require open, modular, easily customizable structures with virtually unlimited measuring volumes.

For over 40 years DEA has been the unrivalled market leader in gantry coordinate measuring machines. Superior technology, innovative solutions and constant development in collaboration with customers have brought DEA over 1,400 installations worldwide. The gantry architecture is the ideal solution for all measurement applications for large-sized automotive and aerospace components, as well as heavy transportation, communication and satellite equipment. Easy loading and integration with part transportation systems, ease of access to the measuring volume, and world class dynamic and accuracy performance are only some of the most prized capabilities of the DEA gantry line.

LAMBDA SP is a line of very large machines designed for the shop floor environment. Extra-large measuring volume and its dynamic and metrologic performance allow dimensional inspection of very large precision components, such as marine engines, aircraft frames, satellite modules, turbines, etc. The outstanding performance of this machine results from advanced technical solutions like the dual drive/encoder system on the main carriage, the Slant Bridge technology and the ACTIV® structural temperature compensation. The optional HH-ACW-43MW continuous wrist further enhances inspection capability due to its long probe extensions and full access to the workpiece in any direction.


  • Low-mass aluminium alloy moving members
  • Maximum velocity and acceleration
  • Continuous axes motion interpolation (FLY mode)
  • High throughput with non-contact sensor options
  • Optional HH-ACW-43MW continuous wrist
  • Dual scale, dual reader
  • ACTIV structural temperature compensation permits operating temperature of 15 to 30 °C, daily gradient extended to 10 °C
  • All axes and pillars are protected by wrap-around thermally insulated covers and bellows
  • Internal forced-air circulation eliminates temperature stratification


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