Kiwa Triple H40 5-Axis

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Type of tool shankBT40 (OP. CAT40)
Spindle speed (min-1)8,000 (OP. 12,000)
Number of palletsSingle (OP. 2)
Pallet size (mm [inch])Single:820 x 450 [32.3 x 17.7]
2APC:820 x 410 [32.3 x 16.1]
Max. work piece height (mm [inch])790 [31.1]
X, Y, Z axes (mm [inch])510 x 510 x 400 [20.1 x 20.1 x 15.7]
(OP. X-axis 700 [27.6])
Rapid feed (X/Y/Z) (mm/min. [ipm])60,000 [2,362]
Number of tools20 (OP. 40/60/80)
Floor space
(Excluding chip conveyor) (mm [inch])
Single:1,400 x 3,150 [55.1 x 124.0]

*Inch expression is approximate.
[OP.] … Option

  • Column traverse structure assures high rigidity. Easily cuts ferrous materials!
  • Adaptable to a variety of applications due to the fixed table arrangement; it will solve the customer’s various requirements.
  • Trouble-free design with complete isolation of machining area from mechanism
  • Space saving (just 1,400 mm wide); most suitable for machining lines.

Kiwa Japan Machine tools

KIWA Triple H40 series, is a high-performance horizontal machining center with a Column Traverse Design. This allows for heavy parts to be machined in a compact space. The machine design will accommodate a variety of workpieces and factory automation equipment. The machine is equipped with a wide center trough in the machining area and a chip auger to carry chips directly down the center trough for disposal at the rear of the machine.  The 5 axis version allows for heavy parts to be machined on five sides.

  • (4) Simultaneously controlled axes (4+1)
  • Provision for coolant through spindle
  • Overhead Coolant chip flow system
  • Spindle oil cooler
  • Chip Auger and Chip conveyor std
  • Tool life management
  • AICC1
  • 1280 meter / 512 kB memory
  • Helical interpolation
  • 200 tool off sets
  • Macro programming
  • AI Nano Contour control II with 200(400) block look ahead
  • Automatic tool length measurement and breakage detection
  • High pressure coolant through spindle (70 Bar, 1000 PSI)
  • X, Y, and Z scales
  • Robot automation
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