Western Canada CNC Sales

Daniel Lamarche


Phone: (780) 707-1255
Email: dan@newusedmachines.com

Raymond Keung


Phone: 1-866-437-7315
Email: raymond@newusedmachines.com

Diane Schultz

Accounts payable and Receivables
Service Parts

Email: diane@newusedmachines.com
Phone: 1-866-437-7315

Igor Duras

Application Engineer

Email: igor@newusedmachines.com
Phone: 780-707-1265

Brian Thompson

Order Desk

Phone: 1-866-437-7315

Sascha Breckel


Phone: 1-866-437-7315

Sales Team

Edmond Li

Sales Alberta South

Phone: (403)-714-3992
Email: edmond@newusedmachines.com

Ron Larsson

Sales Alberta North, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Phone: (780) 709-7801
Email: ron@newusedmachines.com

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