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5 Benefits of Buying Used CNC Machine
  1. The Cost is lower compared to Brand New CNC Machine and Less Depreciation.
  2. No Extra Fees, For Extra Features when buying used CNC machines.
  3. Speed of Delivery. You can have your machine deliver as soon as possible compared to buying new machine where you have to wait for an average of 6 months.
  4. 100% In-house financing.
  5. Our Used Machines are guaranteed and inspected by Certified Technicians.


If you’re looking to sell your used CNC machine, you may not know where to start. We can help make sure you’re set up for a quick and easy sale while getting the best price. Here are the steps you should to take when selling a used machine:

  1. Decide if you want to trade it in or sell your machine.
  2. Find out your CNC machine’s worth or talk to our sales representative.
  3. Get your machine ready for sale
  4. We would list your machine for sale here on our website.
  5. We would take care of marketing and questions to from a buyer.
  6. Negotiate price
  7. Finalize the sale
Should I trade in my machine or sell it?
What’s my used CNC machine worth?
What can impact my used CNC machine value?
How do I get my machine ready for sale?
How do I finalize a used machine sale?

Note: Used Machine Tools listed here are available in Canada, it may be cross-posted on our USA division LMI Machinery.


Available Option(s):

  • Used L 400C Horizontal Lathe Year 2012
    CNC controller Fanuc 21i TC Std
    Swing 30.7″ Std
    Maximum Cutting Diameter 24.8″ Std
    Maximum Workpiece Length 46.1″ Std
    Travel X axis 12.8″ Std
    Travel Z axis 47.4″ Std
    Guide Ways Boxed on X Linear For Z Boxed Std
    Spindle A2 – 11 Std
    Max Bar Work Diameter 4.61″ Std
    Max RPM 2,000 Std
    Rapid Traverse X axis 787 ipm Std
    Rapid Traverse Z axis 944 ipm Std
    Turret 10 Tools Std
    Tool Size (Square Shank) 1.25″x1.25″ Std
    Tool Size (Round shank) 2″ Std
    Index Time (1 station/1 full rev) .2 sec Std
    Chuck 15″ Std
    Tail Stock Quill Diameter 3.94″ Std
    Tail Stock Quill Travel (Programmable) 5.1″ Std
    Tail Stock Body Travel 43.3″ Std
    Tail Stock Quill Internal Taper MT #4 – Built In Type Std
    Gear Box 2 Std
    Horsepower 35 HP Std
    Torque 1345 Ft lbs Std
    Weight 18,739 lbs Std
    Bed 45 deg Std
    Standard Tooling Package Std
    Quick Setter Touch Std
    Optional Equipment
    Chip Conveyor Hinge Right


  • “Special Featured Machine”   Discounted Pricing!

    ROMI C 830 Combination Lathe Version 6.0
    Romi C 830×120″ASA A2-15 Spindle nose, 260mm (10.2) Thru Spindle 120″Bed length
    • Siemens 828D with LCD 10.4″ color monitor and control
    Swing over Bed 33.46
    Swing over cross slide 21.65
    Distance between centers 118.11
    Width of bed 18.11
    Spindle nose A2-15
    Spindle Bore 10.2
    Spindle Speed (RPM) 775
    X Axis (cross travel) 20.47
    Z axis (Longitudinal travel ) 118.9
    X axis rapid traverse Feed rate 319/ipm
    Z axis rapid traverse Feed Rate 315/ipm
    Main motor 45 HP
    Tail Stock
    Quil diameter Tailstock 5.12
    Quill travel Tailstock 7.87
    Quill Taper Tailstock MT5
    Length 296
    Width 126
    N.W. (kg / lbs) 10,250 (22,600)
    Machine Accessories- C/w Machine
    X55916 Coolant pump (10 lpm @ 7bar, 1.5kw / 2cv) (#3)
    Tailstock with manually operated quill with built-in bearing and MT-5 quill taper hole
    SE10043 Deep Hole Drill/Support Boring Bar Saddle
    Steady rest U type, Ø 100 to 440mm capacity (no rollers included) (#5)
    Set of rollers for 100 to 305mm (4 to 12″) Ø capacity
    2443-2A15EX 24″ 4-Jaw Extra Heavy Dty Oil Country Steel Body A2-15 11″ thru hole
    Rear Centralizing Ring W/ 10.2″ Hole ASA A2-15
  • Hyundai SKT460 Horizontal Lathe 2007 –  Sn#SKT4600227
    Controller Fanuc 32i-A Std
    Power ON 24 350 hours
    Operating 9049 hours
    Cutting 7705 hours
    Swing 34.4″ Std
    Maximum Cutting Diameter 26″ Std
    Maximum Workpiece Length 62″ Std
    Travel X Axis 14.6″ Std
    Travel Z Axis 62″ Std
    Guide ways Boxed Std
    Spindle A2 – 11 Std
    Max Bar Work Diameter 4.61″ Std
    Max RPM 2,000 rpm Std
    Rapid Traverse X Axis 591 ipm Std
    Rapid Traverse Z Axis 787 ipm Std
    Turret 12 tool Std
    Tool Size  (Square Shank) 1.25″ sq Std
    Tool Size  (Round Shank) 2.5″ Std
    Index Time – Tool to Next Tool .7 sec Std
    Chuck 18″ Std
    Tailstock Quill & Body Travel Programmable Std
    Tailstock Quill Diameter 5.9″ Std
    Tailstock Quill Travel 6.7″ Std
    Tailstock Body Travel 50.4″ Std
    Tailstock Quill Internal Taper MT #6 Std
    Horsepower 50 Hp Std
    Torque 2,044 ft lbs Std
    Work Light Std
    Weight 26,455 lbs Std
    Bed 45 deg Std
    Q-Setter – Marposs Touch Std
    Automatic Tool Setter Std
    Coolant System Std
    Standard Tooling Package Std
    Optional Equipment
    Chip Conveyor Hinge Right With Coolant Cover (31684700710)  Included
  • CNC controller Fanuc 0i-TC
    Swing 29.5″
    Maximum Cutting Diameter 19.7″
    Maximum Turning Length 52″
    Travel X axis 11.4″
    Travel Z axis 53.1″
    Guide Ways Boxed on X Linear For Z Boxed
    Spindle Nose A2 8
    Max Bar Work Diameter 3″
    Spindle Speed 3,600 rpm
    Rapid Traverse X axis 787 ipm
    Rapid Traverse Z axis 945 ipm
    Turret 12 Tools
    Live Tool Max. Speed
    Live Tool Power 7.5 HP
    Tool Size (Square Shank) 1″ sq
    Tool Size (Round shank) 2″
    Index Time (1 station/1 full rev) .3 sec
    Chuck ( Samwoo Kitagawa ) 12″Main 12″
    Tail Stock Quill Diameter 3.9″
    Tail Stock Quill Travel  Manual 4.7″
    Tail Stock Body Travel 53.1″
    Tail Stock Quill Internal Taper MT# 5
    Gear Box 2 Gear Ranges
    Horsepower(30min./Peak) 30 HP
    Torque 556.9 Ft-lbs
    Weight 16,534 lbs
    Bed 45 deg



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