6″ chuck Multi-Axis Turning Centers CNC Machines | Hyundai Wia

6" chuck

  • Specifications

    Description Unit LM1600TTSY
    Max Turning Dia in 9
    Max Turning Length in 27.75
    Chuck Size in Main 6″
    Sub 6″
    Driving Method Built in
    Spindle RPM r/min 6,000
    Spindle Output kW 11/15
    Spindle Torque N.m 140/208
    Travel(X1/X2/Z1/Z2/ZB) in
    Travel(X1/X2/Z1/Z2/ZB/Y) in 6.5/7.7/27.5/28/27.5/3.9
    Rapid Travel(X1/X2/Z1/Z2/ZB) in/min
    Rapid Travel(X1/X2/Z1/Z2/ZB/Y) in/min 787/787/1575/1575/1575/295
    Slide Type LM
    No. of Tools EA 2 x 12
    Tool Size mm 20/32
    Milling Tool Speed r/min 5,000

    Specifications are subject to change without notice for quality improvement.
    In case of any further information, please refer to the machine catalog.

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