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    ROMI C 830 Combination Lathe Version 6.0
    Romi C 830×120″ASA A2-15 Spindle nose, 260mm (10.2) Thru Spindle 120″Bed length
    • Siemens 828D with LCD 10.4″ color monitor and control
    Swing over Bed33.46
    Swing over cross slide21.65
    Distance between centers118.11
    Width of bed18.11
    Spindle noseA2-15
    Spindle Bore10.2
    Spindle Speed (RPM)775
    X Axis (cross travel)20.47
    Z axis (Longitudinal travel )118.9
    X axis rapid traverse Feed rate319/ipm
    Z axis rapid traverse Feed Rate315/ipm
    Main motor45 HP
    Tail Stock
    Quil diameter Tailstock5.12
    Quill travel Tailstock7.87
    Quill Taper TailstockMT5
    N.W. (kg / lbs)10,250 (22,600)
    Machine Accessories- C/w Machine
    X55916 Coolant pump (10 lpm @ 7bar, 1.5kw / 2cv) (#3)
    Tailstock with manually operated quill with built-inbearing and MT-5 quill taper hole
    SE10043 Deep Hole Drill/SupportBoring Bar Saddle
    Steady rest U type, Ø 100 to 440mm capacity(no rollers included) (#5)
    Set of rollers for 100 to 305mm (4 to 12″) Ø capacity
    2443-2A15EX 24″ 4-Jaw Extra Heavy Dty Oil CountrySteel Body A2-15 11″ thru hole
    Rear Centralizing Ring W/ 10.2″ HoleASA A2-15
  • ModelC1000
    Height of centers20″
    Distance between centers118-197″
    Swing over bed40″
    Swing over cross slide27.5″
    Main spindle noseA2-20”
    Max. spindle speeds500/400 rpm
    AC main motor45 hp / 33.6 kw
  • Romi C420


    Height of centers8.5″
    Distance between centers39″
    Swing over bed17″
    Swing over cross slide7.85″
    Main spindle noseA2-5″/A2-6″
    Max. spindle speeds4.000 rpm
    AC main motor12.5 hp / 9 kw
  • Romi C510


    Height of centers10.2″
    Distance between centers59″
    Swing over bed20.5″
    Swing over cross slide10″
    Main spindle noseA2-6” / A2-8”
    Max. spindle speeds3.000/2.200 rpm
    AC main motor15 hp / 11 kw
  • Romi c680
    Height of centers13.9″
    Distance between centers79-118″
    Swing over bed27″
    Swing over cross slide17″
    Main spindle noseA2-8“/A2-11″
    Max. spindle speeds1.800 rpm
    AC main motor45 hp / 33.6 kw
  • ModelC830
    Height of centers17.1″
    Distance between centers118-197″
    Swing over bed33.5″
    Swing over cross slide21.6″
    Main spindle noseA2-11”/ A2-15“
    Max. spindle speeds1.000/550 rpm
    AC main motor45 hp / 33.6 kw

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