Available Option(s):

  • CNC controllerFanuc 21iT
    Maximum Cutting Diameter19.7″
    Maximum Turning Length26.8″
    Travel X axis13.2″
    Travel Z axis29.5″
    Guide Ways Boxed on X Linear For ZBoxed
    Spindle NoseA2 8
    Max Bar Work Diameterleft 3.5″ – right 2.5″
    Spindle Speed3000 RPM
    Rapid Traverse X axis945 ipm
    Rapid Traverse Z axis945 ipm
    Turret12 Staion 
    Live Tool Max. Speed
    Live Tool Power7.5 HP
    Tool Size (Square Shank)1″ sq
    Tool Size (Round shank)1.5″
    Index Time (1 station/1 full rev).2 sec
    Chuck( Samwoo Kitagawa ) 12″Main 8″
    Tail Stock Quill Diameter
    Tail Stock Quill Travel (Programmable)
    Tail Stock Body Travel
    Tail Stock Quill Internal Taper
    Gear Box
    Horsepower(30min./Peak)50/60 HP
    Torque665 ft-lbs (L) 103 ft-lbs (R)
    Weight13,900 lbs
    Bed45 deg


  • Hyundai SKT460 Horizontal Lathe 2007 –  Sn#SKT4600227
    ControllerFanuc 32i-AStd
    Power ON24 350 hours
    Operating9049 hours
    Cutting7705 hours
    Maximum Cutting Diameter26″Std
    Maximum Workpiece Length62″Std
    Travel X Axis14.6″Std
    Travel Z Axis62″Std
    Guide waysBoxedStd
    SpindleA2 – 11Std
    Max Bar Work Diameter4.61″Std
    Max RPM2,000 rpmStd
    Rapid Traverse X Axis591 ipmStd
    Rapid Traverse Z Axis787 ipmStd
    Turret12 toolStd
    Tool Size  (Square Shank)1.25″ sqStd
    Tool Size  (Round Shank)2.5″Std
    Index Time – Tool to Next Tool.7 secStd
    Tailstock Quill & Body TravelProgrammableStd
    Tailstock Quill Diameter5.9″Std
    Tailstock Quill Travel6.7″Std
    Tailstock Body Travel50.4″Std
    Tailstock Quill Internal TaperMT #6Std
    Horsepower50 HpStd
    Torque2,044 ft lbsStd
    Work LightStd
    Weight26,455 lbsStd
    Bed45 degStd
    Q-Setter – MarpossTouchStd
    Automatic Tool SetterStd
    Coolant SystemStd
    Standard Tooling PackageStd
    Optional Equipment
    Chip ConveyorHinge Right With Coolant Cover (31684700710) Included

    Hyundai Kia VX 950M SN G3690-0080 MFG date 2008
    ControllerFanuc 18IMB
    Travel X,Y,Z96.5″x37.4″x33..5″
    Max table weight9,921 lbs
    Spindle nose to table7.1″ to 41.3″
    Spindle taperCAT 50
    Spindle speed8,000 rpm
    Horsepower30 HP
    Gear box2 gear Ranges
    Torque at 30 minutes / continuous812 / 579ft-lbs
    Rapid traverse Z axis787 Imp
    Rapid traverse X/Y axis630 Imp
    Tool magazine (Dual arm)30 tool
    Max tool diameter (With out adjacent tool)4.9″ ( 9.4 )
    Max tool weight44.1 lbs
    Tool to Tool time3.5 sec
    Weight61,809 lbs
    Coolant wash down system
    Rear chip auger
    Work light
    Optional equipment
    Thru Spindle Coolant 430 PSI
    2 Spiral Conveyors Inside the machine
    Chip conveyorLift up (included)
    MODULE, (FROM 32MB, SRAM 3MB)included
    Stock Lamarche Warehouse Edmonton
    Lamarche will load (rig) and prep machine for shipping
    Purchaser responsible for Transport, rigging, and placement of machine.
    Installation, Training, CommissioningLamarche Service (Pending on Location)


  • CNC controllerFanuc 0i-TC
    Maximum Cutting Diameter19.7″
    Maximum Turning Length52″
    Travel X axis11.4″
    Travel Z axis53.1″
    Guide Ways Boxed on X Linear For ZBoxed
    Spindle NoseA2 8
    Max Bar Work Diameter3″
    Spindle Speed3,600 rpm
    Rapid Traverse X axis787 ipm
    Rapid Traverse Z axis945 ipm
    Turret12 Tools
    Live Tool Max. Speed
    Live Tool Power7.5 HP
    Tool Size (Square Shank)1″ sq
    Tool Size (Round shank)2″
    Index Time (1 station/1 full rev).3 sec
    Chuck( Samwoo Kitagawa ) 12″Main 12″
    Tail Stock Quill Diameter3.9″
    Tail Stock Quill Travel Manual 4.7″
    Tail Stock Body Travel 53.1″
    Tail Stock Quill Internal TaperMT# 5
    Gear Box2 Gear Ranges
    Horsepower(30min./Peak)30 HP
    Torque556.9 Ft-lbs
    Weight16,534 lbs
    Bed45 deg



    Built 2015 installed 2016 Hyundai WIA L300LC Manual Guide I
    ControllerFanuc 0i-TD 10.4″
    Maximum Cutting Diameter22″
    Maximum Workpiece Length52″
    Travel X Axis14″
    Travel Z Axis53.1″
    SpindleA2 – 8
    Max Bar Work Diameter3.54″
    Spindle Bore4.02″
    Max RPM3,000 rpm
    Rapid Traverse X Axis787 ipm
    Rapid Traverse Z Axis945 ipm
    Turret12 Tools
    Tool Size  (Square Shank)1″ sq
    Tool Size  (Round Shank)2″
    Index Time – Tool to Next Tool.3 sec
    Chuck ( Samwoo Kitagawa )12″
    Horsepower35 HP
    Geared Head2 Step Geared
    Torque810 Ft-lbs
    Work LightYes
    Weight16,755 lbs
    Bed45 deg
    Coolant System43 psi
    Tool SetterYes
    Tailstock Quill Diameter3.9″
    Tailstock Quill Travel  (Programmable)4.7″
    Tailstock Body Travel using Turret auto clap53.1″
    Tailstock Quill Internal TaperMT #5
    Optional Equipment
    Chip ConveyorC/C(Right-Side Hinged)
  • “Special Featured Machine”   Discounted Pricing!

    ROMI C 830 Combination Lathe Version 6.0
    Romi C 830×120″ASA A2-15 Spindle nose, 260mm (10.2) Thru Spindle 120″Bed length
    • Siemens 828D with LCD 10.4″ color monitor and control
    Swing over Bed33.46
    Swing over cross slide21.65
    Distance between centers118.11
    Width of bed18.11
    Spindle noseA2-15
    Spindle Bore10.2
    Spindle Speed (RPM)775
    X Axis (cross travel)20.47
    Z axis (Longitudinal travel )118.9
    X axis rapid traverse Feed rate319/ipm
    Z axis rapid traverse Feed Rate315/ipm
    Main motor45 HP
    Tail Stock
    Quil diameter Tailstock5.12
    Quill travel Tailstock7.87
    Quill Taper TailstockMT5
    N.W. (kg / lbs)10,250 (22,600)
    Machine Accessories- C/w Machine
    X55916 Coolant pump (10 lpm @ 7bar, 1.5kw / 2cv) (#3)
    Tailstock with manually operated quill with built-inbearing and MT-5 quill taper hole
    SE10043 Deep Hole Drill/SupportBoring Bar Saddle
    Steady rest U type, Ø 100 to 440mm capacity(no rollers included) (#5)
    Set of rollers for 100 to 305mm (4 to 12″) Ø capacity
    2443-2A15EX 24″ 4-Jaw Extra Heavy Dty Oil CountrySteel Body A2-15 11″ thru hole
    Rear Centralizing Ring W/ 10.2″ HoleASA A2-15

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